दैनिक पाठ योजना pdf hindi (path yojna)

दैनिक पाठ योजना pdf hindi (path yojna)

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all of you are welcome in our blog, friends, in today’s post, we will tell you the lesson plan of D.EL.ED in which our episode will be ‘Time Subah Ka (Poem)’. Friends, if you want a PDF file of Lesson Plans of Hindi subject (how to make deled lesson plan in hindi), then below you will find the link, you can download it by clicking on it.

daily lesson plan name of school ………………… Period …….ll……. Date ……………….. subject – Hindi…… Class ……………… Episode ……. time of morning (poem) ….. Text Analysis –

1. It is a depiction of morning time.

2. Along with the sunrise, there is a stir in the beauty of nature. This idea is depicted in words.

3. As soon as the morning comes, there is communication of new energy everywhere in the nature. This happens regularly. The effect of morning time is illustrated.

General Purpose 

To inculcate in the students the ability to recite poetry with correct pronunciation and rhythm and speed. To make the students feel the beauty of poetry. To develop imagination in students. To acquaint the students with the thoughts of the poet.

specific objective 

To acquaint children with various scenes of nature through the poem ‘Time Subah Ka’ and to inculcate the ability to connect students with them. To make one feel the beauty of sound by mixing rhymes in poetry; Like Ujjali Lali, but do it, now everything. To introduce the children to the words Mahka, Dhundalka, Ujiyali. The expressions of the poem – to give a feeling of beauty.


Picture of nature, picture of sunrise, chicken, garden, picture of children brushing their teeth at home, picture of bath and other class useful material. precognition test Children see the scenes of nature daily. By establishing relation with them, the teacher will ask the following questions to focus attention on the poem presented –

Where do the stars emerge?

In the sky . What else can you see with the stars in the sky?

Moon, cloud, galaxy.

What time is it when the sun rises?

Neither dark nor foggy.

What do children, old people and animals etc. do in the morning?

Their own work.

purpose statement

Today we will study the poem ‘Samay Subah Ka’ related to the morning characteristics of nature. Presentation

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